to be the same AGAIN!!!



Penetrating the market
      at PEDESTRIAN and
                     VEHICLE level.

Penetrating the market at PEDESTRIAN and VEHICLE level, utilizing our town centre’s barricading wall is a simple yet effective in your face, marketing.
Reaching people and turning them into potential customers of your product or the service your business provides.
Delivering your message directly to the core of the public spectrum.

Extremely HIGH
     Advertising EXPOSURE!!!

Avanza Adds is a extremely high EXPOSURE form of advertising. Ensuring that more people will remember your brand.
Running all over Burgersfort, Steelpoort and surrounding areas these Avanza Intercity Taxi’s will get your brand and product noticed.
Having a high volume of recall this marketing strategy is on the rise and you will surely gain from utilising this marketing strategy.

Pole Advertising are "live"
           24 hours a day and always ON
  and in the public eye!

Pole Advertising is an extremely cost effective and high exposure form of advertising.
In fact, they have the highest recall of any outdoor advertising medium, ensuring that more people will remember your brand from a Pole Add than any other type of outdoor media.

Innovative & Interactive
           Marketing Strategy.

Arrow Spinners is a fun, exciting and INTERACTIVE form of advertising positioned at strategic points around or close to your Store.
Drawing ATTENTION for your benefit.

Cost-effective, vibrantly
large and long term .

Buss-Stop advertising is extremely visible and in the public eye. Reaching your market and the public from the bus passenger to your executive driving past.

 Your promotion arrives
     on target,
            on time,
                EVERY TIME.

We know your clients; we know where they work and where they live. So what better way is there to market your products to these customers of yours than direct marketing?
Not everybody is in the privileged position to have access to newspapers and modern technology such as TV and the internet; WE, however, reach your client at their home or in their car. This is by far the best way to reach Southern Africa's emerging and developing market effectively and obviously your client.

“” is a FULL SERVICE DECOR SUPPLIER who will supply, install, dismantle and store all your decorations as needed. We will come up with vibrant, lively and exiting ideas for any of your venues or dates.

Supplying both modern and traditional decorations for Christmas, Easter, Valentines, as well as other special days like World Cups, Centre Birthdays, Back to School, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Season changes.